Beauty without expression is boring.


On a colorful & flowerful environment you and your co-workers can find more creativity and less stress.


Scientifically proven, flowers can produce happiness, optimism, andmuch more.


Delight yourself or someone else with the beauty and company of extraordinary flowers.

Snap Dragon

Our G.O.A.T -  Our Top Seller - Our Flagship:  

It comes to you as our main attraction for your flower arrangements.

With the beauty of a PRINCESS but the presence of a DRAGON.

Snap It and be amazed.

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We fit every vision.


We supply our clients to their needs and wishes.   Large or small scale but always SELECTIVE.  From the individual to the corporation, if it is selective, we can supply. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for your SELECTIVE needs.

Big Business.

BIG BUSINESS is our goal.   Standing orders or spot purchases, what is your style of business ?  Retailers, Wholesalers, Importers or Distributors.  All are welcome.

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