We are a flower producer, exporter and distributor.

Our goal is to bring happiness to your world, with Top Quality Cut Flowers that are unique, special and dedicated for you and your business.  

Our adventure started in 2007 in the heartland of the land of eternal spring:  Guatemala.  No other place in the world can combine the soul of its origins with your needs.  Our fields are located next to San Martin Jilotepeque a place like no other,.

Since our beginnings our flowers have filled emotions of clients around the world.  Loyal to our values three friends got together to create this world of emotions for our clients.

With the vision of becoming a leading exporter of fillings and cut flowers our expertise is undisputed:  top of the line agricultural, logistics and commercial knowledge are the core of our daily activities.  No exception 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Your happiness is our success.  Flortec was born to stay, grow and achieve  

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